Sites and Activities


La Piedra

A monolithic rock situated between El Penol and Guatape. At its peak it sits 2,135

meters above sea level with amazing views of the lake.

Rio Bizcocho


A river area near San Rafael with many activities including camping.

La Manuela

One of Pablo Escobars many fincas and was named after his daughter. The blown up

ruins of the mansion and the tour guides show you a different side of the Pablo

Escobar story.

Rio Claro

rio claro
A natural reserve 3 hours outside of Medellin with a diversity of vegetation and wild-

life. The clear river water gives Rio Claro its name and is one of the best things to see

in Colombia.

Hacienda Napoles

A hippopotamus named Mafalda nurses its seven-day-old baby in the Buenos Aires Zoo, on November 25, 2004. Zoo veterinarians, who said the name of the 30-kilogram baby hippo will be picked in a contest, have not identified it's gender. NO RIGHTS CLEARANCES OR PERMISSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS IMAGE. REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian EM/SV
Another property of Pablo Escobar that has a gigantic collection of animals like the


San Rafael

A small pueblo outside of Guatape that gives you a sense of the farming culture of

Colombia. San Rafael is tropical and surrounded by rivers and green vegetation.


On the opposite side of the lake sits this small pueblo and has a giant river with

tubing as one if its activities.


This pueblo sits in a valley with giant waterfalls to which you can paraglide over.

An extreme sports area that is the lesser known but comparable to San Gil.

You can find about any outdoor activity to do here.


The whole mountainous area has all kinds of waterfalls and almost every

pueblo has at least one near. Just inquire where you want to go and we can

point one out for you.



In Cocorna you can fly over the valley and waterfalls with professional guides.

Taking off from the top of the mountains and depending on the weather you can

land in town or where you started.


In Alejandria enjoy the lazy river tubing through the jungle and arrive back

in town. It’s suggested to bring plenty of sun block and of course some refresh-

ments. This is a great time to rest up and relax from a long day of riding.

Waterfall Jumps


One waterfall near San Rafael has a profound pool where you can dive in.

Whether it’s a small jump from the rocks or a large one from a platform, this

waterfall is great for someone wanting their heart to beat a bit faster.

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